New Map: Halls Of The Dead God

A small dungeon of a forgotten dead god.

There are two entrances, the first is at the top in the north and the other entrance is in the round central hall in the ceiling. The floor on the upper floor may have collapsed, creating an entrance. The circular central hall has four doors, the door in the north being decorated with images of a young man in green robes. This door cannot be opened. First you have to solve three riddles that are behind the other doors.

  • In the south, there is a room with three wheels that have to be turned in the right order.
  • In the west, flames regularly spray out of the walls, making it more of a test of skill.
  • In the east, a very heavy statue from the cave system must be placed on a pedestal in a lake.

In the last two rooms, the characters each receive a small crystal that has to be placed on two pedestals in the middle room.

Once everything is done, water flows out of the pedestals into the large tub in the round room and then the water flows through the door in the north, which can now be opened. In the large northern hall at the end is a large throne on which sits a large skeleton warrior. A demonic warrior who has slain the god, but in return has been bound here forever by him. The characters must remove the demon in order to receive the divine gift under the throne.

Click here for the map.

Have fun


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