Hi, I'm Sebastian.

I was 14 years old when I first came into contact with table top role-playing and it has stayed with me until today. I played many systems and a few years later I decided that I wanted to develop my own role-playing system. The result is Entaria, but that's another story. Currently, I enjoy playing systems like Dungeon&Dragons in different groups (as a player and a game master). This always results in funny stories and since I like to share, this website came into being.

A word about the maps: Yes, I could also fall back on other tools I have tried, like Dungeondraft, Chronos Builder or Dungeon Alchemist. I've gone back to hand-drawn maps because it helps me get to what I have in my head faster. And in the spirit of Lazy Dungeon Master, there is a limit to how much energy/time/blood you can put into a project.

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