New Map: Mekranaz Chamber of Crafts

This map is intended as an extension of the map The Lost Forges of Mekranaz. Here, the adventurers start in the middle of the map by falling through a hole or purposefully descending here. From there, the group has a choice of four directions, and they can find a lot of secret rooms. To the west is the very large communal workroom, to the east is the storehouse and in the middle are the workrooms where the items of everyday use were made. To the south and north, the rooms have already collapsed somewhat, so that natural caves can be reached here. Of course, undead with ghosts are suitable as enemies, but it is also conceivable that the entire complex is populated by goblins or goblins, so that there are also a devilish number of traps lying around.

Here are the maps.

Have fun


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