New OneShot Adventure: The Elderly Underwater Ruins

This adventure consists of four elements. A small tower sticking out of a lake, the house underneath which is of course underwater, a short cave section with an area where you can come up for air and a collapsed tomb.

At the breakfast table, my son (14 years old) and I were talking about adventure ideas, and my son is a big fan of underwater adventures. From this conversation, the idea of underwater ruins was born, a tower that rises out of the water and where the adventurers have to dive down to uncover its secrets. My son had remarked that it could be very dangerous if the characters didn’t have underwater breathing spells. That made me grin. A good idea to present this adventure to a party that does NOT have such abilities. As a concession – and at the urging of my son – two passages were included in which an air bubble was formed in order to take a breath.

The adventure is freely available to anyone who subscribes to the newsletter (in German and English).



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