New Map: Abandoned Trading Post Of Mekranaz

On the flanks of the Blade Mountains stands this abandoned trading post of the dwarven fortress of Merkranaz. The once magnificent entrance with its mighty warrior statues has fallen into disrepair and deep cracks run through the settlement on the southern border of the mighty dwarven kingdom. The southern entrance is framed by two huge stone statues and leads into a large hall with fountains and staircases. In the western area were the merchants’ halls, where tables were laid out for the goods and hidden small guard chambers. In the eastern area were the sleeping chambers, guardrooms and a hidden payment chamber with a safe. Of course, such a building is not unused, so a horde of goblins with their mounts have taken up residence there. To the north, one of the natural cracks has been widened into an exit that leads deeper into the mountain.

Click here for the map.

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